Clear Aligners

Do you have teeth that are crooked or crowded? Do you wish you could straighten your smile without metal braces? With clear aligners, now you can! Our skilled team is pleased to offer Clear Alignerand ClearCorrect, which are two revolutionary clear aligner systems. They are a discreet, comfortable way to achieve a straighter, healthier, more beautiful smile. We invite you to contact our team at UK Smiles Dental to learn more about the advantages of clear aligner therapy and to set up your personalized consultation!

What are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are an alternative to traditional braces and are designed to help guide teeth into their proper position. Similar to braces, clear aligners use a gradual force to control tooth movement, but without metal wires or brackets. The aligners are made of a strong plastic material and are fabricated to fit each individual's mouth. If a series of aligners are needed, each aligner moves the teeth in incraments until the desired movement is achieved.

Aligners are worn for at least 20 hours a day to reach the desired maximum effectiveness. Each aligner is worn for three weeks before changing to the next one. The length of treatment with aligners depends upon the severity of each case. Typically, aligner treatment can be as short as three weeks or as long as six to twelve months. Overall, aligners offer a much shorter treatment than traditional braces.

Candidates For Clear Aligners

Unlike braces, not all patients will be a candidate for Invisalign. There are dental problems that cannot be solved with this treatment method. If you have a imperfect positioning of the teeth when the jaws are closed, then braces will be the solution. Clear Aligneris best to treat certain dental problems, including Gapped and spaced teeth, small bite issues like an overbite, underbite, open bite or crossbite. Crowded teeth & Crooked teeth can also be an issue that Clear Aligners can repair.

Benefits of Clear Aligner Therapy

Clear aligners are a great choice for our patients who are searching for a more discreet orthodontic treatment option. Rather than using metal brackets and wires like traditional braces, the Clear Alignersystem uses a series of custom-made, computer-generated plastic aligners to straighten your smile. Each set of aligners is designed to make small changes to the alignment of the teeth. As you switch sets of aligners about every two weeks, your teeth will be gradually and gently guided to their ideal positions. You will also visit our office on a regular basis during treatment to make certain that your smile is progressing as planned

ALigners vs Braces
Partially visibleVisible & unaesthetic
Comfortable & ConvenientUncomfortable
Removable & easy to maintainFixed / difficult to maintain
No dietary restrictionsPost treatment results vary
Partially visible Significant dietary restrictions

Consultation For Clear Aligners

During your initial visit, we will determine whether you are a good candidate for clear aligner therapy. Our office can provide you with Clear Alignerinformation, reviewing your dental history and checking your teeth to see if the product will be the best option for creating a new smile. If you fit the criteria, then we can help create an Clear Alignerproduct that will be used to straighten your teeth. This treatment is often a good choice for adult patients and others who are interested in a virtually invisible orthodontic treatment.

An appliance will be placed in your mouth that will custom fit to your teeth. You will need to change out the appliance every few weeks with a new one to ensure your teeth are moving in the right direction, on their way to a straighter smile. In addition to being discreet, clear aligners are also very comfortable because they are custom made from smooth, thin plastic. The aligners are removable as well, which allows you to easily remove them as needed in order to eat, brush, and floss.

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