Pediatric Treatment

Pediatric Treatments

It is also known as pedodontics, which focuses on treating young people from infant to adolesence stage on the path towards a lifetime of good oral health. Prime focus will be monitoring child's dental growth and development and preventing and intercepting dental diseases.

What types of treatments do Pediatric dentists provide?

Education : Provide parents with guidance about preventing disease and oral trauma while encouraging nutritious eating. Pediatric dentists also help establish dental hygiene routines that parents help children carry out at home.

Monitoring : Dental issues can be predicted by continuously tracking the child’s oral growth and development. The specialized knowledge of pediatric dentists can address issues early, before they worsen. Quickly resolving dental problems can preserve the child’s self esteem.

Prevention : Tooth decay can often be prevented with a nutrient-dense diet and strong oral care routines. In certain cases, pediatric dentists can apply dental sealants or topical fluoride during checkups or dental cleanings. These applications can prevent tooth decay. They can also demonstrate best practices for brushing and flossing teeth.

Intervention : When appropriate, a pediatric dentist might discuss options related to early oral treatments. Symptoms that might require a treatment plan can include oral injury, malocclusion (jaw and teeth alignment), or bruxism (teeth grinding). Appliances such as night guards or space maintainers might be necessary. In more serious cases, reconstructive surgery might be necessary.

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